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  • Our clients, over the years, have generally been referrals from other clients. We do our best to complete the job correctly, and efficiently, and to understand the individual need of the client. We are not in business to sell a trust, life insurance, or take over the management of your finances, but we will present the advantages and disadvantages of each estate planning to tool to you. If probate is necessary, we move through the process effectively. In a real estate transaction, we will represent our client, without any competing interest.
    Protecting  your legal interest is our main concern.
    Thank you for your interest in our Firm.

Estate Planning

  • Our office will provide the expertise necessary in a cost effective manner, with our attention focused on your individual situation and goals. We are a small office which can attend to your personal affairs, and the experience to handle large, complex matters, with personal attention of an attorney.​It is important to have an attorney advisor that can understand your personal financial position and personal goals when you seek a solution to your estate planning needs. It may be possible to avoid unnecessary federal estate taxes, care for an underage or infirm relative, or avoid probate. Great flexibility is possible in the terms and conditions of disbursement and use of funds. In the situation of a small estate, a basic will package can be useful to avoid unnecessary delays as a result of determining the personal representative and devisees. In all cases, we provide documents to be used by health care surrotates, in the event of incapacity, and documents to the used by an attorney-in-fact, in the event of physical inability to transact business. How title to an asset is held has an immense impact on how the asset can be treated, during life and after death. We can help guide you through these issues, in the event it is necessary.


  • Jumping off into a business venture is, many times, an exhilarating, but risky proposition. The government has always encouraged these ventures by allowing individuals to do business as a legal entity. We have assisted many individuals in the process of forming the entity, like a corporation or an LLC, and then, as the business grows, with shareholder agreements, employment and non competition agreements. Many types of business organizations are available, all with their particular advantages or disadvantages. We can help you make a good choice with the right type of organization ​and the right groundwork documents, so that later when the companystarts making money the relationship of the owners and shareholders is defined.

Contracts and Leases

  • The most important thing a client can do is show a contract or lease to the attorney before it is signed. Sometimes, it can mean the difference between damage control and bargaining.  Granted, many commercial leases have provisions that the landlord will not change, but many provisions can be modified to address the reasonable concerns of a tenant. It helps to know which clauses that the landlords, or management companies, may allow to be modified. A contract to purchase is similar. The buyer or sellers particular situation may warrant, or require, a change to the provisions that are contained in the various form contracts that are currently in use. 


  • For many years, our Firm has assisted clients transfer the title to assets owned by a deceased family member. Many times, probate may be accomplished through summary administration, which is an abbreviated type of probate. In certain situations,  it may be  effective to avoid formal administration  by revising the way title to assets are held and using the correct estate planning documents to allow summary administration. We have handled many summary and formal administration cases, in an efficient and time effective manner.​​

Real Estate Transactions

  • We are equipped to handle real estate transaction from start to finish, including the issuance of title insurance. Knowledge of how real estate is held, and sold, relates to all our other fields of practice in one way or another. Based on a real estate practice, we have taken on other related areas as our clients have come back to us with needs related to real estate.